der ganz normale wahnsinn!!haha

it has been some time and lots is going on.

spring is here yah, hopefully not too many “southerlies” and still we need rain.

first our pond is still filling – slow process, we got some water plants, have a look, what do you think??? there are some issues with the water level, really we have 2 : one we don’t have enough water to fill the pond, we get only 1800l a day! number 2 the pond is not proper sealed!!!!!!!!!YET! 🙂 i will post some infos about that shortly!


we planted lots of natives, got a lot of plants at the doc nursery, check their page out. And started our food forest, so exciting!!! here some pics! any other ideas  how to suppress the grass, i am using in the moment vinegar! 2 stanley prunes, blueberries and cranberries, among natives!



and we have a green house, yes check it out!!! ok the photo is not doing justice to our new growing space, just wait for it!




next time more details!!! enjoy and thank you for stopping by!



water retention

here we are again, happy living in our house, enjoying the warmths.

working hard in the garden: planting the food forest, planing the green house and digging a water retention pond.

natural pool2

thanks to max, our son, he is fantastic with these machines, a pleasure to watch!! the big hole is dug! and where to now, well! apparently we have clay for miles! wrong, we found a shingle bed and a under water stream ok it is more a trickle. our shop is to seal the water retention area. firstly we are looking for smart ways to compact, any suggestions? a plate compactor is not working tried it :((, a roller? we are a bit concerned that we can’t get it out again, haha. well we will see.

as you can see on the photo that is how it looks when done, 100m2 swimming area and 100m2 regeneration area, and 150m3 of water. in permaculture we always have at least 3 reasons to implement something: spare water for a fire, watering plants ( we will pump water as needed in the swales feed our plants, it will attract diverse life, it will be beautiful and soothing for the eye and soul and as a bonus we can jump in and get refreshed!

for now we are waiting for water, you know the wet stuff from the sky ;))!

feel free to comment and share your ideas, suggestions are always very welcome!



so much is going on

Frank my dear husband is busy building our kitchen, he is doing a fantastic job! see for your self!P1040405on the left side the cupboard is harbouring our fire wood box, great idea. the faces of the draws are made out of wattle, macrocarpa, blue gum, and oregon, the handle however is made of western cedar. what do you think, and wait there is more!


those draws you reach from the dining area, lots of plates cutlery !!P1040410here you go!

and then, yes i always wanted a spicy draw! smileP1040407

P1040408the bucket for the chickens, chicken, no dog food here, nougat!P1040406

maybe they put my treats in here!

the wood is oiled and cops well with all sorts of kitchen stuff.

so far we have 21 draws, yeppeeee!

and there is still some space in the draws, i love it, nice to work in, looks good , smells good and things will move over time in there place!

thank you frank!

as magic happens

i am very excited and want to share this moment in time with you.

i had to wait over 50 years so here it goes.

do you remember as a kid chasing a rainbow, where does it start? where does it end? i was on my bike for, it seemed for ages!

this is something very similar, yes.

as a kid i always wondered when it rains and it did not rain everywhere at the same time, everybody knows, it does not rain everywhere at the same time, where is the border the point of change, the line: on this side it is raining on this side it is not.

you know, what i am talking about, yes i know you do.

this moment in time happened today during breakfast. we were sitting at our dinning table and i looked out of the window. one view was very rainy the other window 2m away was clear.

of course i got up outside and here it was: the line right in front of me, no need to chase it, it found me.

for a moment i felt like a kid,pointing from one side to the other, saying:”look here it is raining and here it is not raining!” I took this magic moment with in my adult life, i am sure you will here me talking about it with a big smile on my face!!

yes we are back

we needed a bit of time to recuperate! now we are back full of energy and enthusiasm!

here a little update. after with drawing and enjoying our new home and not doing much on it, we went for a holiday visiting our families in germany. found everybody in good spirit, spent a month with the family and enjoyed ourselves very much.

after  very hot 4 weeks in Germany we said good bye to the family ( always sad) and off we went to india to spent some time in hyderabad enjoying sri bala sai baba’s ashram. it was even hotter there and we were very generous with blood 😉 mosquitos! we had a fantastic time!

frank started the architraves and skirting.  well you know, how it is, frank started then realised i don’t have a nail gun and no liquid nails ok. ” do you know”, i said to him:” i need some space in the kitchen for the pots and pans,  it does not need to be the final thing!” ok frank was off and started the kitchen draws. and now we have the first draw, yes!!

my job was it over the weekend to plant the roof!  400 plants on the roof it looks good, we planted now purple and white verbena, catmint, acaena purple. i am waiting for the seeds to arrive, thyme and oregano. we planted now altogether 600 plants and will spread around about another 600 seeds anticipating that only maybe 1/3 of the seed will strike and survive. here some pics of the roof now!IMG_1695 IMG_1694

unfortunately we lost our bees (not enough knowledge) if you hear of anybody having spare bees let us know, please!

this is me for today, enjoy whatever you are doing!

yes it’s true WE ARE IN

friday a week ago we moved our bed into our house and slept the first night in our new house.

to be honest with you we are thrilled and exhausted not sure which one is dominant! 🙂

it was and still is quiet a journey! here some new pics from the inside:

Beautiful Loungethis is our open plan living area, we need to paint a bit, not much !






Master Bedroomour bed room. and yes we have central heating, since friday everything is working, the house has got a r-value from about 8.5 the requirement is 3.2. the rayburn is feeding the place with warm water  for bath, kitchen and warmths through radiators and we use it for cooking and baking, and i am due to have a cooking class!!




Bathroomthis is our bath tub tomorrow it will  connected, guess what i am doing tomorrow night, yes that’s right!!







now we are applying for code of compliance in 3-4 weeks and then our focus will be the garden.


on saturday it was stirring day from the biodynamic workshop i am doing this year, i came home and sprinkled 500 on our property and onto our roof!

i keep you posted.

Glue, Floorboards, and Oil

Flooring SetupLast week I had holidays 🙂 from work not from building 😦

We started on Sunday night putting the center line of flooring down. There was a huge stack of floorboards, Nitens (Blue Gum) in Tongue and Groove, 2 thirds in the big room, 1 third in the master bedroom. On Monday morning we got stuck into it.

5 rows of floorboards were cut to length, glue applied to the floor, and one board after the other put down and stuck into each other. Easy, eeh?

The HallwayWell, no. The glue was sticky as hell, the angles driving us mad, and not all boards slotted into each other nicely. On Tuesday, we asked ourselves if we had more glue on our hands than on the floor!

Luckily Clint and Andy came about and adjusted the doors, telling us we were on the right track. And slowly we learnt to keep the hands out of the glue. From Wednesday we had surprising help, as Brian and Maureen turned up and many hands made light work!

Susani and Maureen making TeaSaturday morning was the target! At1pm we had to admit defeat, still some edges and corners to go. No football for me 😦 Sunday lunchtime it was done and we also had the drum sander and the Java Oil! By the end of the day the first coat of Oil was applied! Looking fantastic.Oiling